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The Founder and CEO of the Australian Veteran Owned Business

The Founder and CEO of the Australian Veteran Owned Business, Mitchell, pictured here on patrol in southern Afghanistan.

The Australian Veteran Owned Business: conceptualised, founded, and operated by veterans, for veterans.

Upon returning to Australia after his third rotation to Afghanistan, the Founder and CEO of the Australian Veteran Owned Business, Mitchell, embarked on a path that so many veterans had done so before him and he started his own business. He began searching for professional associations to align his business with. What he soon realised was that, despite spending over a decade in service of Australia and its people, there were none that existed which specifically recognised his military service and brought together business owners who share the same privileged background. 

The Australian Veteran Owned Business was established as a third party certifier in order to fill this gap. Third party certification is a process whereby an independent assessment declares that specified requirements pertaining to a product, person, process or management system have been met. In Australia, there are third party certifications for a wide range of products and services, but so far, nothing has existed which recognises veteran owned and operated businesses – until now.

If you are a current or former Australian Defence Force member who owns a business and you are looking for an exclusive representation, then the Australian Veteran Owned Business is your answer. Don't let you service go unrecognised in the business world - get in contact with us today to discuss the amazing opportunities that our membership program can deliver!

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