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How We Can Help

How We Can Help

The Australian Veteran Owned Business is the only organisation of its kind in Australia. We are a non-profit third party certifier which promotes the recognition of Australian Defence Force veteran owned and operated businesses.

Our third party certification allows for recognised members to apply our unique certification trademark across their business. This trademark not only enables members to proudly showcase their military service, but for consumers and other buyers to make educated purchasing decisions in knowing that they are dealing with a veteran.

In addition to our third party certification, having your business certified by us will open up an entirely new approach for you to advertise your products or services. As a certified member, you will have the ability to utilise our digital platforms and social media to promote your business through.

The Australian Veteran Owned Business is also focused on cultivating a sense of community and camaraderie amongst its members. We link veteran business owners together for networking purposes and other great opportunities. 

  • Cave Foods produces the highest quality nutrient dense food options that can be stored and transported while retaining their great flavour. Achieving this requires a determined focus and dedication to unwavering standards along with continual development and the pursuance of excellence. These values are held paramount by each individual within our team and were in a large part developed and honed through our military experiences. Although these values are not unique to the ADF it is an organisation that embodies them from the ground up, a fact that is recognised both in Australia and internationally.

    Becoming an AVOB member has formally brought Cave Foods into a recognised group of businesses that hold a similar set of high standards and values. Through the AVOB Certification Mark we are able to display these attributes to our partners and customers throughout the conduct of our business whilst concurrently enabling us to proudly yet subtly acknowledge our military past.

    The additional marketing and networking reach provided by the AVOB website and social media platforms has already well and truly proven its worth to Cave Foods in both sales and business partnerships.

    • Ben
    • Cave Foods
  • As veteran business owners, we are always trying to discover what makes us stand out amongst our competitors. We wanted to showcase the qualities that we've attained from serving this great country; qualities that our clients actively seek such as integrity, punctuality, and the ability to adapt and overcome any scenario. But we were left wondering how we could integrate our military background into our business.

    The answer was AVOB! We've found that our clients love having former servicemen taking care of their pest issues as they feel they're giving back to the people who were prepared to give everything! That logo is exactly what people see on our website and it's ultimately what separates us from the rest.

    I recommend any business owners who are current or former service personnel to jump on board and help grow this wonderful community in which so many have benefitted from already.

    Shaun and Steve
    • Shaun and Steve
    • Geelong Pest Control
  • Having the AVOB certification has allowed us to leverage on international networking opportunities with U.S. based sister organisations, directly leading to staffing solutions, social media expansion and most importantly as being identified as a value adding veteran owned business. There isn't a marketing budget that could match the network and referral opportunities that we have received through AVOB.

    • Sean
    • Take Point
  • The last 10 years of my military career have undoubtedly been an extremely busy time. When I began to develop Double Diamond Media, I was thinking of different ways to market ourselves in order to stand out in a unique way amongst our competition. As soon as I saw what AVOB was all about, I knew that this was something that I simply had to be a part of. It was the perfect way to subtly yet powerfully showcase the decade of my life given in service of Australia and apply it to my business.

    I think it is fantastic that AVOB provides a one-stop-shop for ADF owned and operated businesses. Being a member is something that I am extremely proud of and having my business listed on the AVOB website and Facebook site is great for our exposure. The network is comprised of highly motivated individuals who aren’t scared of hard work and are willing to go that extra mile for a member of the team.

    If you are a current of former ADF member who owns an operates a business then do yourself a favour and become a member today! Remember, we’re stronger as a fist, not a finger!

    • Mariusz
    • Double Diamond Media
  • I founded Raw Earth Hampers (REH) with a desire to create a range of beautiful gift hampers that are luxurious without compromising on the environment. The products that you will find in our store are natural, organic and eco-friendly. 

    We have sourced well-known brands as well as some new brands that we know you will love. Sustainability has been a key component to our business and we have sourced our packaging from a FSC supplier. We strive to be green!

    I chose to become a member of AVOB because I saw it as a fantastic marketing and advertising partnership through the high exposure of AVOB's website and social media platforms. 

    I recommend all serving and ex-serving members to gain an AVOB certification. Be proud of your military past and see your sales increase!

    • Elizabeth
    • Raw Earth Hampers
  • AVOB recognises the extensive abilities of former military members and, in our view, promotes the greater support network for both business owners and those seeking opportunities outside of the Australian Defence Force. Internationally, veterans are respected for their sacrifice, motivation and ability to succeed at all costs. The AVOB logo is a subtle and humble way to express a military past to a certified members' clients. 

    I'd highly recommend becoming AVOB certified to current and former ADF members who own and operate a business. The certification showcases a proud and respect worthy background and offers unique network opportunities amongst the organisation's veteran owned and certified businesses. 

    • Adam
    • COGEX
  • The Australian Veteran Owned Business is a fantastic initiative which recognises and promotes Australian Defence Force veteran owned and operated businesses.

    • Steve
    • Commando Steve
  • Our partnership with AVOB is something that we are immensely proud of. Their professionalism and unwavering commitment to their members is something to be admired. The partnership has allowed us to access a very unique group of people and it has been a pleasure helping these people reach their business goals through our marketing services. 

    Shane McGeorge, General Manager
    • Shane McGeorge, General Manager
    • Complete Business Online
  • Fit and Fresh Australia is a healthy meal delivery company that delivers fresh meals direct to your home or office. Whether it be weight management, vegetarian or paleo meals, we have a solution for anyone who is time poor and looking to eat healthy.

    While I have a team of doctors, dieticians, and chefs on staff, I truly believe that it is the military mentality that drives the success of Fit and Fresh. I have never had any formal training in running a business. The army taught me how to work hard and smart, how to accept only the highest standards from people and how to succeed through excellence. Having a trade mark like AVOB allows me to show the public that my company is built on these ethics. It also allows me to seek out other companies, for supply and service, that share these qualities. 

    For me the AVOB mark is more than a way to show customers that Fit and Fresh is owned by a veteran. It is my certificate of trade competency. The same way that doctors and lawyers put their degrees on their office wall, I put the AVOB logo on the wall at Fit and Fresh to show people where I was educated and where I got my experience. It is so great to see that this is fast becoming a respected and sought after seal of approval.

    Being an AVOB member has brought in numerous new customers and just as importanlty has allowed me to connect with other veteran owned businesses. I will now always look for an AVOB certified business for supply and services before I look anywhere else. 

    • Adrian
    • Fit and Fresh
  • If sponsorship comes from the pocket it is considered a commercial decision. From the heart it becomes an honour. We are honoured to support those who have and those who continue to serve this great country. Respect, commitment, loyalty and sacrifice. Great ingredients for a successful business and we are honoured to be considered a part of the team.

    Colin McAlister, Managing Director, Goodlife Financial Services
    • Colin McAlister, Managing Director, Goodlife Financial Services
    • Goodlife Financial Services
  • Leaving the military, I think we all face similar demons such as no longer feeling part of a team and no longer being involved in something that really counts. Over the past five or so year in business, I've come to realise despite what I was told, and despite what so many people spend years at university learning, out here, success starts with relationships between people. Depending on what line of business you go into, the reality is there are more synergies between business and Defence than what most people think. For this reason, our fears and trepidation on leaving Defence can be mitigated with these thoughts and realisation. 

    As soldiers, we are good at people. We learn to adapt, improvise and overcome in the most adverse and challenging environments on earth, and we do this at times amongst people that we know little more about other than the fact that they are also soldiers. Out here in business, we have tools such as Linked In and Facebook that enable us to profile those we connect with, or are about to connect with, and the connection is generally made over a cup of coffee in a cafe as opposed to beside a Bushmaster in down-town Tarin Kowt. This alone should provide is with the confidence in our own abilities to be successful. 

    AVOB is a testament to the true nature of soldiering and enables us as business owners and former soldiers to interconnect and operate with an immediate level of trust and respect for one another. Mitchell and his team have on many occasions connected me and my business to opportunities that we are able to exploit without the noise of Non-Disclosure Agreements and other tools required to establish the trust that is immediately in place between AVOB members. 

    I would encourage all former military members who are thinking of starting, or are currently running, their own businesses to connect with AVOB and become part of that team you once knew you could just trust because they too were soldiers. 

    • Glen
    • Ironside Recruitment
  • Montignie Stuart Kennels' vision is to educate and equip beginner and intermediate level pet dog owners with the necessary knowledge and skills to raise a happy, healthy and social pet. The feeling of duty we feel towards investing the necessary time and effort into our dogs is almost certainly a by-product of our combined 25 years in the Australian Army. 

    Our video series is aimed at everyone, not just current and former serving ADF members. During filming and production we were very careful not to over militarize our content and our instruction delivery. We know that our military past need to be an interesting part of our backstory, not our whole story!

    Becoming an AVOB member and displaying the AVOB symbol presents us with the perfect amount of exposure in regards to our service. The public can see that at one point we were a part of something much bigger than ourselves and that we know what it is to sacrifice. But, that's not our centre of gravity; our high quality content is why they should invest in us.

    Where ever possible we like to use certified Australian Veteran Owned Businesses. Being a member and having access to that AVOB network has proven invaluable! 

    • Pat
    • Montignie Stuart Kennels
  • Joining AVOB is one of the very best decisions we have made in a long time. I've long been a sceptic of paying annual membership fees to a myriad of organisations for nothing more than the privilege of paying fees again the next year. 

    Refreshingly, AVOB is quite different indeed. Within weeks of being welcomed into the AVOB community we were getting referrals and being talked about in social media. Our branding has improved and we've noticed that folks in ADF circles have a perception of much improved credibility that comes with being recognised and credentialed as veteran owned. 

    And whilst it's far from the most important thing, our sales have increased. Cheers to Mitchell and his team for a fantastic initiative that help us all. Well done!

    • David
    • Next Job Now
  • Open Universities Australia is thrilled to partner with the Australian Veteran Owned Business and see the relationship with AVOB as an important expansion of our existing Defence related engagement and support initiatives. This partnership now ensures that whatever stage of the Defence lifecycle its members are at, the provision of value added access to higher education units and courses continues, especially in supporting those returning from conflict having proudly served their country, those looking to establish businesses and those simply embarking on the next phase of their careers and lives.

    Rhys James, Partnership Services Manager, Open Universities Australia
    • Rhys James, Partnership Services Manager, Open Universities Australia
    • Open Universities Australia
  • Peak Potential Adventures has been a member of the Australian Veteran Owned Business for some time now. We proudly display the AVOB logo to highlight our previous military service as well as support an organisation that is taking the initiative to get behind and help our Australian military veterans in their business endeavours. 

    A transition from the military to the business world is never easy, so by having an organisation like the AVOB that can assist with an increase in brand profile; the exchange of business ideas and potential referrals between veteran members is a brilliant start. We have been very impressed with the services provided by Mitchell and the team at AVOB since joining, so we would highly recommend those who qualify to join this exceptional organisation!

    • Darren
    • Peak Potential
  • The SEAL Future Fund exists to accelerate SEALs' transitions into civilian life in a manner that harnesses and build upon their unique strengths and capabilities.

    Navy SEALs are among the most highly trained professionals in the world, serving as paragons of leadership, teamwork, resolution, and focus. As individuals who excel under extreme conditions, executing tasks with outcomes that are measured in life and freedom, their qualities are invaluable to any organization.

    The SFF is focused on ensuring that these individuals and their capabilities are not lost in the posterity of duty. From educational scholarships to job placement and networking opportunities, the SFF provides SEALs with countless pathways to success within the communities they fought so hard to protect.

    The SFF and the Australian Veteran Owned Business are both focused on promoting and supporting veterans through their transition and in their post-military careers. We know first hand what veterans are capable of achieving once they decide to leave the military; AVOB is representing and promoting those Australian veterans who have utilized their military backgrounds to create and live their entrepreneurial visions. We are honoured and privileged to support AVOB in its endeavours and are grateful for the opportunity to be aligned with this one-of-a-kind organization.

    Brian Martelli, Co-Founder and Chairman, SEAL Future Fund
    • Brian Martelli, Co-Founder and Chairman, SEAL Future Fund
    • SEAL Future Fund
  • The Prince's Lead Your Own Business program provides the opportunity for transitioning or recently transitioned Defence personnel to start their own business via an 18-month small business management course. This program has been made available for personnel to achieve success beyond service, utilising their skill-sets developed while in the Forces, and transition these through enterprise into civilian life. I am pleased to introduce the participants of The Prince's Lead Your Own Business program to AVOB, and thank Mitchell for his enthusiastic and generous support of our program. 

    Janine Kirk AM, Chief Executive, The Prince's Charities Australia
    • Janine Kirk AM, Chief Executive, The Prince's Charities Australia
    • The Prince's Lead Your Own Business
  • The Veterans Sporting Association is a not-for-profit association established by a core group of Australian Army veterans, for veterans. We fund and deliver mental health initiatives to assist veterans to re-engage with peers and the community through physical training and wellbeing activities. The VSA promotes sport as a means to enhance recovery, support rehabilitation and demonstrate life beyond service.

    We established the VSA to support the government's response to the impending PTSD epidemic and save the lives of current and former serving men and women. What makes us different to some other organisations is that we are veterans also. As such, we understand and acknowledge the impact that PTSD has on veterans, their families and friends.

    We have been a part of the Australian Veteran Owned Business initiative since its inception as we see the value of having our service to the nation recognised and validated through a certification process. The AVOB certification is the only one of its kind in Australia and having this easily identifiable trademark that allows others to see that the VSA has the best interests of other veterans at heart.

    • Warren
    • Veterans Sporting Association
  • Warrick Eady Photography provides a premium, professional imaging service, specialising in wedding, family and fitness portraiture. 

    Becoming an AVOB member has provided the opportunity for me to network and collaborate with a nation wide group of people who approach the operation of their business with the same dedication and professionalism that we all approached our ADF careers with. 

    The exposure that Warrick Eady Photography has gained through AVOB's social media platforms and website has been instrumental in helping my business get the off ground. I'm absolutely confident that with the support and backing of AVOB, the ability to develop my business and take on new opportunities will only continue to expand. 

    On a more personal note, becoming a member provides a strong link back to my military roots, and I feel as much as part of a team now through connecting with AVOB as I did a Soldier.

    • Warrick
    • Warrick Eady Photography
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Why Us?

The Australian Veteran Owned Business was established as a third party certifier in order to promote the recognition of Australian Defence Force veteran owned and operated business. In Australia, there are third party certifications for a wide range of products and services, but so far, nothing has existed which recognises veteran owned and operated businesses – until now.

Your time spent serving Australia and the sacrifices that you have made should never go unnoticed. The displaying of the Australian Veteran Owned Business certification mark will allow people to instantly associate your business with the exceptional qualities that are attributed to Australia's service personnel. 

The reputation and trust that our service men and women have earned are traits that should never be forgotten. The Australian Veteran Owned Business is here to ensure that these are not lost for veterans who decide to start their own business.

If you are a current or former Australian Defence Force member who owns and operates a business, and you are looking for an exclusive representation, then the Australian Veteran Owned Business is your answer. Don't let your service go unrecognised in the business world - get in contact with us today to discuss the amazing opportunities that our membership program can deliver!

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